Lipstick Lesbians

Does it take one lesbian to identify one other?

Not essentially.

As soon as, I turned up for a lesbian get together at a neighborhood membership that claimed to have a waiver of canopy cost for lesbians. Sadly, the door butch could not scan the lesbian in me and I needed to pay my manner in. What made it extra unlucky was that three different woman buddies whom I would requested together with me needed to pay their manner in as properly. For sure, we by no means went again to the get together once more.

One other time, I went to a lesbian discussion board alone and a woman requested me this lesbian blogger, “What’s a straight woman such as you doing at a lesbian occasion?”

Even beneath such apparent and blatant circumstances, a lesbian can really be mistaken or suspected to be straight.

Such encounters will not be unusual (and never unique) to lipstick lesbians.

Lipstick lesbians

To seize a definition from the City Dictionary, lipstick lesbians discuss with female lesbians who’re interested in different female girls.

From the identical dictionary there may be one other definition, which I actually like, that claims:

lipstick lesbian = “The sexiest kind of lady alive. A female lesbian.”

The Lesbian Look?

Opposite to widespread perception, there actually is not a normal lesbian look.

Lesbians are available in all sizes and styles, carrying every kind of bracelets, sneakers, and hair.

Among the stereotype associations with lesbians embrace brief hair, spiky gelled hair, mullet, purple wristbands, tattoos, rainbow tees… and the listing goes on.

If one’s lesbian recognizing ability is barely primarily based on judging one other’s look, it’s time to throw away that gaydar and purchase a brand new one. With a gaydar like that, you possibly can rating plenty of hits and in addition plenty of misses.

A straight lady can stroll round with brief spiky hair, wearing a punky fashion and put on a purple wristband.

Likewise, a lesbian also can sashay round trying like a straight Barbie.

No person must compromise on how they wish to look simply to go well with different folks’s expectations.

Lesbian Recognizing

Lesbian recognizing is a vital survival ability to amass as a result of it helps us to suss out who our potential companions are.

In spite of everything, to have the ability to date a woman it’s essential to be capable to spot the woman who will probably go on a date with you within the first place.

Lipstick lesbians have to develop eager lesbian recognizing abilities which can be at the very least a notch above the fundamental stage of gaydar due to their unobvious look and their search of lesbians with unobvious lesbian appearances.

After all, there are all the time mass lesbian events the place lipstick lesbians can get to satisfy different lipstick lesbians via trial and error. Nonetheless, this generally is a case of discovering Wally in a busy image full of individuals.

Backside line is:

Develop a eager set of lesbian recognizing abilities.

It would empower you and make it inconsequential the place you’re: lesbian setting or non-lesbian setting.

You possibly can actually go anyplace to get your lipstick lesbian different half.

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